Rigoletto is disturbed by Monterone’s curse. Horrified to find Gilda dead, he remembers Monterone’s curse, maledizione.

Mommy, mommy, why is the clown crying?
I think he is sad wants us to think he is sad pretending to be sad so you’ll feel sad along with him.
Ok, mommy, but why is the clown crying?
Monterone’s curse falls cinderblocks from hell clueless where to direct my angry myself.
want you to feel sad for me sad along deep oozing sadness quickly turns runny make-up.
Mommy, mommy, the clown scares me!
You’re so dramatic! He’s just a guy in make-up just like you.
Rigoletto put a strong curse on them evil curse spiced with acrimony seething viperous
thick-as-thieves poison. laugh at the clown buffoon pretentious modern-day court jester my jester’s wand? Jester’s eccentric hat? It’s just her being her. people who throw sticks and stones but don’t break our bones break my spirit heart. They say falling in love is wonderful this poet striving to burn these pages with flames of hell reduce hurt to ashes to acceptance be damned hell. Monterone’s curse burn a hole not just put on make-up change operas be Pagliacci enjoy the night.


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