Heavy heart

There are still some of us between mid-50’s and 70, who have so far survived HIV/AIDS. I have written a piece, not yet ready for publication. I’ve talked to a man who has been through this, he’s one of the keepers of the names. He will send me that list tonight to include. I’ve talked to a gal who helped work with us every Labor Day at a huge sale to donate thousands of dollars to AIDS and addiction recovery. Almost everyone, including the founder of that event, has died of AIDS.

Looking at that list, remembering those friends, some I didn’t know were gone, has broken my heart again. I have no clue why I’ve been spared this long. Besides wanting to be a poet, I am also a repository of information for now and the future. Young people, my young friends, some are positive and some not. They have no clue what the onset looked like. I do. And I need them to know. All of it. The politics, the religious bigotry, the hate, the division within the gay community!

I will say what needs to be said, soon. It’s my responsibility to talk about this. Here, where I live, they hold a big fundraiser, the Humanitarian Awards, in the name of a kind wealthy designer who donated lots of money to the local HIV Clinic. Its very posh, very very high society. All the rich (a lot of them straight non-infected) people are behind this. Its the social event of the year. It makes me very sick at my stomach.


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