headache and heartbreak, don’t strike a stake
in chest ache, crying pain blood down white rain
heart pain, my blood washes down the drain
shed tears no tears suicide fears white hot tears
black snot tears being queers.
Doctor ills doctor’s bills addictive sleeping pills
doctor’s scares doctor’s cares noone cares
for pills ills nothing thrills everything kills.
Knee pain in my ass pain take hand out of ass again
that’s pain my shame, forget your name
forgive me pain forget you pain won’t do this again.
Love murmurs heart mutters murdered love slumbers
fuck pain no boy again what time’s the next train
come here–go away–stay,] want you back anyway.
Repeating again me needing you sending away
don’t need your pain let’s not talk again let’s refrain
that from one this one that one so done
Pain in the ass pain in the trapped brain.
I’m the mouse you’re a trap I’m a rat you’re the louse
heartache and fartache shit my drawers shithouse
each day thinkless hurtless see you less
betterness fretterless useless no mess
I confess no bother no stress.



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