This is what you do with boys:

  1. Invite them over.
  2. Tell him you’ve got some good shit (weed, pot).
  3. Ask him if they like poppers.
  4. Tell him I’ve got a nice place.
  5. Ask him do you like to get fuked?
  6. Tell him I got some good Stryker porno we can watch.
  7. Ask if you buy him a drink while you’re getting acquainted.
  8. Ask him what sign are you?
  9. Ask him do you come here often?
  10. Ask him, you new here? Never seen you before.
  11. Ask him if he’s got a car.
  12. Ask, him hey you wanna go now?
  13. Say, man, I’m horny.
  14. Say man, I sure do want to fuck you.
  15. Take him home and be ready to be topped or bottomed.
  16. Get out the lube, the dildos, put on the Stryker porn.
  17. Get the poppers out of the freezer.
  18. Turn the lights off, light some scented candles.
  19. Kiss him, open his lips with your tongue.
  20. Kiss him hard, run your hands around his ass.
  21. Gently start to undress him one article of clothing at a time.
  22. Never break the kiss.
  23. Let him undress you.
  24. Never break the kiss.
  25. This is what you do with boys!



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