lo se, si lo se, se muy poco

I know things I know don’t know where from
I know things hear them learn them buy them in books.
I know things google things want things steal things.
Feels no one to share things I know.
This isn’t school, this isn’t 5th grade show and tell.
I want to share things I know feels things noone understand things.
I know death rushes in you’re emptied music fills me.
I don’t think anyone understands bottled within and implode.

Smart degreed proves I am smart?
Feels stupid can’t share what I know noone I know wants to know what I know.
They don’t care they don’t want to know about pain misery joy when Sutherland hits high C watching miracles change ecstasy Caravaggio Young Bacchus it’s me it’s him and it’s me fills my mind with joy soul with grace.
I don’t want me to know what they know their TV shows their music their lack of books
their lack of smarts.
get excited at knowing things to shout from roof tops you’ll know when I talk like a teacher I talk like a teacher when I talk from my head talk from my heart, I cry.



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