A Tribute

Basically life has kicked me in the ass this week and my writing is stupid. I used to write for a local magazine, so I’m not a foreigner to writing “articles,” but putting stuff on this blog where I have free reign is–scary. I don’t have an article on this guy, just a fun story about a long time ago flame.


So I’m going to post a brief story, and it is true, about one of the first HIV/AIDS doctors in Los Angeles,  Dr. Paul Keith. He was a great doctors and this photo is the centerfold of the 1974 Playgirl magazine. I didn’t meet him until later in the 70’s when we worked at a methadone program through UCLA.

Paul was married, divorced her, hooked up with a man. They made a TV movie about it, but I haven’t found anything else. When I met him his hair was longer, he wore a cowboy hat and he was just plain HOT! I went for it, but like most fairytales, it didn’t work out. Its taken me ages to find anything on Paul, and yes, I called him by his first name. Besides trying to have sex with him, he was also my first HIV/AIDS doctor. Doncha just love convoluted stories. Its no longer 1974, but enjoy the photo.



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