Friends are butterflies crawling the earth as caterpillars
slimy green fuzzy things, bugs wrapped
in a blanket of transformation
attached to tender trees
wrapped in silken threads
transforming into another of themselves.
Friends are the tress cocoons wrap around
allowing growth in a safetynet
matriculating passage from one life to another.
Getting scared
thinking I like you
thinking you like me
thinking we have nothing in common
thinking we have everything in common
friends wanting to talk to you
dying to talk to you
aching to be heard.

Friends transform me, the crawling insect
to beautiful golden butterfly.
I am an adult, child-like playing the part of adult.
Friendships are dangerous!
What if I liked you?
What if you liked me?
What then?

I am the caterpillar
eating myself from the inside out
dropping my outer hard shell,
focusing on those who love me,
guide me,
surround me
trusting filmy threads of wound silk.
You watch me change child to adult
worm to butterfly.
Do not stick pins in me
do not attach me to velvet cloth
set me free
allow me to fly
love me
allow me to be your friend
allowing you to be mine.



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