Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

a new song

I need a new song
sans harpies
spirits of sudden, sharp gusts of wind
eating your soul alive with sharpened teeth
or a siren luring men to their deaths along the shore
dangerous yet beautiful creatures
luring with their enchanting music and voices
to shipwreck on the rocky coast
the time of men and love and strings and fairytales
has ceased, stopped:
I’ve been in love forever with fictitious characters
I wonder each morning though
what is he doing?
shitting, showering, getting ready as I write
to begin another hectic day at work
living his life completely without me
leaving behind embittered little old me
is this how it must be?
I thought love
love of him enveloping me
was the answer to all–
all my doubts
all my questions
I see it is not a question at all
I hear a new song
not in your heart
there is no you
there has never been a you these past
strange times
there’s only been me
the quietude lolling around my room
the silence
the messages stopped the
world is as silent as my phone
you’re gone
you never will be again



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