Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

Dorian Gray

tribute to Dorian Gray
an Oscar Wilde nightmare
a beautiful soulless man doesn’t age, his age
dorianhides in the horror of his grotesque portrait
from beauty to longevity to horror
this face
bulbous and green and stricken with disgust
I’m consumed with Dorian now
no portrait of
me absorbs the ghoulish changes as I age
no closet-hidden art to mask the ravages of time
Dorian was soulless and haunted
a vain and pretentious man empty inside as
the north wind
empty and devoid of human feeling
consumed as I am with love
empty and devoid of that
taunted with
images of Dorian collapsing into himself
eventually crumbling to dirt and ash
botox doesn’t cure
hide, run away from
that nauseous feeling that somehow
it always comes back to the vision of him
that emptiness in me
I paint my pictures to hide my internal disintegration
yet, I continue to rot
a living corpse

a hideous monster deep sad revolting
Dorian and I should be lovers



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