Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry


all the perfumes of the night
orange sweet jasmine
multiflower little white flower clusters
overpowering the air in sickly richness
a horrid smell like death covered in lilac spray
Shalimar most heavenly fragrance of Guerlain
drained my sister’s high school bottle
the parfum of the gods
adorns my flesh these nearly 60 years.
brilliant magic NY Bond 9 Oud
rich as blood its folly temple, diamond stopper
scent covers the stench of body’s daily decay
older people fart, foul toxins ooze
poisons exit their systems
thru layers of wrinkling tissue paper

rich night blooms, mock orange jasmine
holding court in summer
upon gentle summer night’s breezes
joyous 16-year-old sleeping unashamed
bedroom window open inviting the loveliness
of nature’s oiled scents drifting thru windows
bringing peace and sleep



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