Christopher Michael, gay

Adam and Steve

Adam and Steve

A biblical fairytale…

your job, said god, pointing to Adam and Steve, is
to populate, be a fruit and multiply
however, when giving these directives, she neglected
to set some limitations as how much fruit this
water-bound wasteland could hold.

in the next chapter, pissed that the kids were not
doing it right—her way—she lifts up her big fairy wand
and throws them out of her house (well garden, same thing)
for being gay or something because no one is
buying that snake in your ass story Steve.

after that, the book goes along the lines of murder
and mayhem in gothic city, the guys are having
a hell of a time keeping up with all this re-creation
the story obfuscates with either that guy into
animla rights—who takes the boys 2 by 2 because
that diessa is made about gay love or overpopulation
takes a huge piss, flooding the earth…

or else it was that time the guys settled into their
version of hometown, one Sodom by name, where
(I hear) they were romping along just fine with the guys
drinking and doping Saturday nights,
the missy gets wind of it—she’s got a new device—
fire and brimstone she hails down on the guys.

after that, I don’t know where they got their gay
asses off to,
been a while since we heard, though rumor
is they’d taken a penthouse in Manhattan, one
even threated to run for president.



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