Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

Trivial Pursuit

goal: start a new book, pursuit
get a blank sheet of glaring white paper
if no words flow, try greek—a publisher’s trick
using nonsense syllables to block in space
next step: remind self trivial pursuit is continually asking
remembering a pointless query
so, here I am, getting out
do me some world
my place in the sun, my peeps, my little
corner of a big scary world
goal: don’t always question
who I want to be next
pursuit: instead become
I tried western costumes, holy cowboy
hats, boots, jeans, even a silver bolo
studded with lapis, a queer cowboy
no equestrian riding thru here
second pursuit: tried Caribbean casual
wound up in sweats and t’s
I like this old queen’s act
it’s my best show in town
goal: forever stop asking the wrong question
there is no point in a circle
only squares and triangles
square hipster for out-of-it dude
no pink triangles on me today
pursuit: loving who I am
constant change
being who I’ve become
goal: heard a wise woman say we don’t really
change all that much, outlook?
pursuit: why squander time posing unneeded questions
be who you are, queen
be the best of it
another wise man summed it easily
stop asking questions


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