Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

Palm Springs Nights 1960

queens: are just queens
I never hung out with Reechy-type queens in Pershing Square
I wasn’t old enough
I read those downtown rough-around-the-edges queens
prostitute drag queens and thugs
I belonged to them
wanted to be street prostitute Miss Destiny
her rair all flaming red
destined to be one of them
destined to take my way little city queen ass
to the city and spread my big wings fairy

Father bought the book
left it lying about for me to find
that was destiny 1960s gay
found my way to Pergola’s and Anna’s
lower Sunset Blvd the young gay hangouts
found men who liked nelly-ass gay boy’s

Hot by yesterday’s standards
men fucking me; me fucking men
young so available love affairs
each lasting the time it takes to undress
to cum
to dress
to leave

I found those Reechy queens
on my own
it wasn’t what I expected


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