Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

first encounter had to been ceremonial
sweet sickly Mogen David grape
seder kosher le Pesach
a sip or a glass
didn’t seem to matter
no one said don’t
so I did
years later I became a drunk
funny how well things work out
high school drunks
a few college drunks
hangover blues and barf
not a drinker til
sitting crossed-legged on the floor
hippie house 1964
passing that joint around
marriages are made in weed heaven
I took my vows seriously
nuptial bliss became a habit
addiction became a curse
I took my vows seriously
years experimenting, between a few
hospital stays to turn this queer straight
that’s another story
pills and weed, growing up addicted
whatever you had my favorite drug
of the moment, just give it to me
more please
yes you can fuck me
drugs first
yes, humiliate me if that turns you on
drugs first
its gets dark in addiction, you live one foot
in front of the other, one day after the next
one year, one dreary lifetime struggling to
get out of the box
but, jeez man, it sure seemed like fun at the time
smokin’ weed, coke, hash, we were cool
conversations began with
hey wanna smoke some good shit man?
we where hippies, later just fucked up addicts
one day another venue opened
one as painfully treacherous
maybe a way to live this jaunt across
happily joyously fuck free


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