Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

Boy Beauty
young boy sweet as succulent fresh pears, follows
older man strong as aged hardwood leads
love of boys, the love of beautiful art
post-adolescent 20-something beauty prized
boy-inspired art
Donatello’s David
Caravaggio’s The Young Bacchus
Michelangelo’s everything
David Hockney boys in Cali swimming pools
William Blake’s Christ-like sunboy
Benevento Cellini’s Narcissus
youthful boys exploring newfound sexual curiosity
jerking together in Boy Scout tents
boys loveliest dressed
arrayed without awareness of their beauty.
boys cocks exploring boys hands and asses
at 16 boys chasing 16 first fucks
look, observe, refresh memories, relive my youth
boys are loveliest when admired like
diamonds in the rough
and always from afar


One thought on “from sorrow to serenity

  1. Youth is always beautiful and tempting especially when caught unawares. It is the supple innocence that allures the eyes of every artist to be twisted and manipulated into their own artistic creation. And fight it all we may, a bit of spittle will always escape at the corner of the mouth.


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