Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

Alexandrian Boy 

he was at once lithe and lovely
Alexandrian I would call his beauty
as Cafavy would have told you of his beauty
alabaster skin, lips of bloodiest red
hair always lustrously rich, curling
spilling over his flashing provocative sex eyes
he was a dewy little fairy
walking as angels amongst us, hiding
a black as coal dust heart, leaving
a trail of angst in his wake, adored
was this boy daughter of hellish attraction, sought
but never tarried, sought
but never kept
by mortals his bidding watching
the sweet smell of peach his cheeks, the
jasmine eyes turned dull
waxy deadly stare and snare not
incubus’ next unwitting victim
he walked amongst us primed and painted
lovely in grace a woman,
he said, with man parts
looking to be nurtured and feed off our blood
as vampires oft are unconscious of blood lust
the dew dries, the dead look descends upon
his soft sweet eyes, the mouth curls to snarl as Dorian’s did
decomposing to a silent closet riddled nightmare
he walked amongst us, as Cafavy’s boys of
22 and 23, walked
filling their sick sweet desire for flesh and male body
I had not heard of him for a time
wondered what art and nature had carved upon
his fragile being
nor did I ask
not wanting to know
lest it be that inevitable death
we all expected


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