Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

20-Something Love

my mind’s parade of young and beautiful menboys
boys when I was a boy
teens when I was a teen
20-something young man adoration
boys of almond-velvet skin, black flashing eyes
boys of Latino café au lait chocolate
menboys simple as metaphor
boys dark as night, stars for eyes
boys skin pale as moonbeams, hair spun gold silk
slight of build, graceful, effeminate, unsure, shy
graceful slightly swaying hips
fluttering hands
boys who almost pass for girls

when I was a boy I adored another boy
we thought boy’s thoughts
handsome John Thornburgh owned a horse
he was noble
the photos of memory exist 1956
memories dragged out, previewed with love
don’t question enchantment
don’t question heartbeat and breath
it simply is–they simply are

I grow old, they don’t grow older
in heart’s mind they will be forever young
ships pass in the night
another comes along in its wake
innocent charms pasted lastingly in my heart
Hollywood silver-screen-era glamour
Look, don’t touch; dream, don’t possess
if you don’t have this feeling
you probably don’t understand a word


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