Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

Cody Cowboy

Cody cowboy, not a cowboy from Montana
Cody industrial Ohio-bred cowboy
Cody on the range working the corral
taming horses
Cody up with the sun, down with the moon
Cody doesn’t ride the rodeo
doesn’t rope steers, doesn’t ride broncos
Cody should be a yes ma’am cowboy
hangs with gayboys
straight cute boy with honest eyes and a girl back home
kinda cowboy sitting round the open range
horses grazing for the night
cowboys drinking coffee blue enameled metal mugs
blue-enameled coffee pot on the fire
round the fire saying missin’ them girls
wantin’ them girls
he’s missin’ his home, to see her Friday night
Cody don’t got the cowboy walk
legs arched over years in the saddle
cowboy walk places one foot, one calf
one thigh joined to one assglobe following the other
slow measured gait, ass tight, 28 waist
shoulders squared
walk is pure man, natural man like nature grows
not man in a business suit, oblivious
not turned out feet of the dancer’s walk
not gay walk where everything moves and sways
not tired bracero
not construction worker beat at the shoulders
bent calloused the weight of the world
Cody’s openly look
straight boy among a paradise of flaming flamingos
he can tease
he’ll laugh if you tell him cute ass!
he’ll laugh with you, tease back
a straight cowboy amongst wild birds


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