Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

like a small reed-thin sound loudening
each day I approach to your ear
give and take evocative…listening
each small sound glittering bells
utterances deep within throbbing sighs, talking
lingering at the edge of your words
romancing a small elegiac flame to brightness
I see roses no longer weeds
blousy dandelion explosions in the sharp wind
crabgrass and thorning vine
replace gently a sweeter smile, perhaps yours
the blossoms of your eyes shaded by whiplashes
startle me, oft dewy tears washing sadness gone
we two closer to one than one
two not lovers, houseguests sharing time
sunning, splashing poolside gambols
friends whose hearts calling
whatdahell with you today?
Or such sorrow can I kiss away that tear?


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