Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

The M Word

the first time I did it
it hurt
John Cross and some boob told
me ya gotta grease it up and rub
like all boys I figured it out
rubbing and straining and squeezing
it friggin’ hurt
I thought this hurts
I can’t wait to do it again

did it again and again
at every chance
in a tent at some dad/son camping experience
in showers at the Racquet Club
clogging up the stalls so the adults couldn’t get in
but hey, they musta been young once
doing it every chance they could
musta wanted to grease it up
and rub

addicted to poppers and porno
magazines and dildos
cannot stop masturbating for eons
any chance to shoot a load
the pleasure gone
the addiction remains
hooked in front of hot porn vids
wishing it was me
thinking if I could only get that cock in my ass
I wouldn’t have to stand here lubed up
trying to shoot my destiny all over the floor!

now, nothing
I don’t touch my cock except
to piss–pissing in the shower is easier
everything new becomes old
eventually gratefully gave up
jacking off for 2 years sober


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