Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

High School Fuck Buds
high school perv on the prowl
gaydar before I knew gay that 7th sense
other guys like to suck and fuck
we’re 16 or 17
we’re boys and horny
where dick goes doesn’t matter
as long as dick goes in
one guy with a really bad name
he was fun
I don’t remember a thing
Eugene Perry, we’d hit it up about
once a month after school
he joined the navy after graduation
has never been seen
my favorite was Steve
though he had that smoker’s smell
he was delicious
liked getting fucked
every nellie little soon-to-be fag
at 17 or 18 can top, bottom, anything
it’s always hard at hand
ready to please
high school sucked
but where else will
a teen get the experience needed to
storm the citadels of this big ass gay world and
fuck senselessly
pre-high school kick start gay sex
his name was Ricky, we were 14
he lived 2 streets away in a lifeless box house
no experience, curiosity, 14 together
played a card game—whoever lost did the
sex demanded by the winner
we both won, we both lost, we both won
we tried blowjobs but
we wanted to fuck
we tried to fuck each other
it hurt
we weren’t doing it right
once I went to him for sex
he was not in a playful mood
he stated, flatly, if I let him whip me
we could have sex
I did, he did
walking home without a shirt
back covered in screaming red welts
walking in, the family dinner in progress
went to my room, donned a t-shirt
sat down to dinner
no questions asked
14 goes into 14 painfully


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