Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

Drag Queen Vignettes
oh, I remember alright
when this little drag queen first became bemused
by mom’s finery
loved her creamy Avon eye shadow
tried on the dress she wore to my bar mitzvah
how did she miss her young son evolve into a queer
never said a word, just watched
not surprised when I came out
how could they not know their nelly little son wasn’t gay?
lots of teasing in high school
the last day of high school
I put copper make up in my hair,
my last fuck you to class of 62 PSHS
me and my sister, same bedroom
night times lived in an imaginary world
I was always many women characters
I don’t know how we came to play
do all children?
should boys and girls sleep
in the same room, do ya think?
I liked to make a dress of my blanket
wear makeup
this was high school
it was on, honey
it was on
my sister no longer speaks to
my first formal drag?
with Roy I guess
out to dinner with Dalene and someone
some party in a stunning Ginger Rogers dress
dark blue and flowing
I wore roller skates
I’m sure it was a sober Halloween
I wore something designer to my first drag ball
by Danny, never heard of him since
big French twist and curls up do
could balance in heels back then
garter belts and stockings
seams like snakes running up my lovely legs
some guy liked to fuck me in heels
said I had great legs
he liked to shoot up drugs too
was Aunt Pittypat, Gone With The Wind
the Gay Girls Riding Club annual ball in LA
layers of beautiful black fabric, hand sewn jewels
over a wedding gown hoop
Dale created the bodice
now dead of AIDS drag queen did my
silver hair with huge antebellum hat and veil
rhinestones everywhere
dress was so big Peter arrived in a step van
what an entrance in
front of the Hollywood Palladium


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