Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

ne me quitte pas

ne me quitte pas, don’t forsake me now, don’t forsake me now!
            Jacques Brel 1959

you won’t ever go away
there’s no summer’s day
no moon basking in nightingale song
I wonder what a kiss would be
if I took it now, I’d take three
if I grab you hard, if I hold you still
if I kiss you deep what a thrill
would you run away like a summer day
or hate me your way
would you hit me now
I’d let you hit me now
I would never cry
That’s all I do is cry
I would taste your mouth
I wouldn’t ask
Is this real, is this a lie
I love you still
I would never ask
I’d want you again
one day by surprise a birthday kiss
held far too long
if you go away on this summer’s day
you’ve already taken the sun away
ne me quitte pas…


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