Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serenity

Gone, Come

I will never love you/the cost of love’s too dear/but though I’ll never love you I’ll stay with you one year, Gale Garnett

love is fleeting, empties your soul like an enema
the cost, dear Gale, was far too dear
the sunshine sings loud and clear
each morning in the gray dawn light
I think of loves come and gone
come and none stayed a year
save friendship
friends more priceless than spices
traveling on caravans across the ancient east
friendships endure where love is stronger
than carnal love can survive
we will sing in the sunshine

last night I dreamt I bought a small gun
I don’t like guns
a small gun I could easily hold in my hand
small like the perfect cock I could hold
in my mouth, clamp my teeth around
nuzzle, let my lips run up and down its shaft
hold with both hands, foreplay for a hard cock
an erection that explodes

I do not know why I dreamt of buying a gun
or singing in the sunshine
I do know the cost of love is too dear
running through my fortune
trying to buy love
last night I dreamt I bought a gun
I heard Gale Garnett sing
We’ll Sing in the Sunshine
I want to sing in the rain


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