Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

from sorrow to serentiy

Do Not Wait

why do you wait for me here
alone in the garden knowing I’ll not come
the hour’s past midnight, the black
velvet domed sky diamond studded
I’ll not sit beside you among the ghosts of
trees in the stealthy blackness night
you must be on your way, finding your path
a babe in the woods is no metaphor
finding your light making it your own
you sit alone in sad hopeless bewilderment
I’ll not join you on that bench though the
sadness in your voice cries out to me
I’ll come here no more, resting as you are
peacefully slumber my love
around you spray the lilies, the climbing rose
I yearn to hold you in my arms, as a tender child
wipe sad away from your brow, soothe impish tears
tell you promises in starlight
all comes to naught or be alright
fragrant mutterings from night blooming shades
enfold you in the star clustered arbor
why do you wait for me here?
in the garden grove with sliver moon shedding
palest shadows, sorrow eyes raining softly
tears of time and time gone by
you know if I could join you at the witching hour
break the silent spell cast
you and I too must away
my journey complete
you the child growing to man
I the man growing, slowly painfully toward death
time cruelly marks us one by one

leave quietly in the dawn, make your way
hastily til morning’s dew and look not back
for all will vanish in the morning’s wake
no magic kingdom this, just lovers part
that which was has gone asunder with pearly light
hovering patiently to break with the sun
now go, tenderly I bid you parting glances
be that youth that’s never grown nor nurtured
let not these wasted breaths bring you to untimely end
I will wait each night in silent sadness for you
though it be only a dream ghost that I await
go do not look back
there’s nothing here
no park, no bench, not even I


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