Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

Who Will I Be

I’m Poz
I can’t diss Christ, I never knew the dude
though I’ve been to his church
never believed he was my personal savior
don’t got one
don’t believe in anything that concrete
raised to hear tauntings we Jews were Christ killers
anything negative to put some peoples down
always foremost in the mob mind
we hate this and we hate that
dang, give it a fucking rest, why doncha!
I can’t diss anyone’s beliefs
I can’t disdain my Jewishness
whether I choose to practice
I go when so moved
it’s there when I want it
there’s always message
3 or 6 simple words: think in the positive
stop living in the negative
let all that shit go
empty my mind of graven images
empty my mind of salacious thoughts
damaging stereotypes
rid myself of unwanted relationships
disparaging and in despair
what’s left? new concept bank as silence
barren as silk and empty as sky
waken to this new thought
stop talking in the dis-ease
the dis-enchantment
focus on love and enchantment


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