Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

Who Shall I Be?

alone with coffee and thoughts
long night of self-delusion
brings cool, pre-summer dawn
reflections, disambiguation
regret, regurgitation
longing for solution
respite, repentance
years of a wanton carousing
leave a vulnerable spot, where
morning, bird sounds, sirens wailing
remind me of being the passenger
the fear, the pain, the far, the pain
daybreak cool, slightly gray
unusual for a land of sunshine
alone, not lonely, being
being too harsh, thinking
thinking far too much, wanting
wanting far too much, needing
needing far too much, yearning
yearning far too much, crying
crying far too often, caring
caring far too much, regretting
regretting far too often, loving
loving far too poorly, giving
giving far too foolishly, repeating
repeating far too often, now
empty, repeating the cycle
quiet, morning meditation
sounds of the day unfold
7:05am, morning light
coffee, me


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