Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

HIV Positive

HIZ Positive

I have been AIDS positive since 1986
managed the virus not its complications
AIDS rattles around, an unwelcomed houseguest
that knows its place, a houseguest that stays too long
spared the opportunistic infectious diseases
lymphoma with annoying chemo battery bag
I was there sexually addicted
morally loose when the news spread
the posters appeared: listen to your grandma
wear a condom shops springing up like weeds
condoms in happy colors and tasty flavors–sex lollipops
bathhouses closed, windows in their doors
monitoring the sexual ravings within
sex marked with yellow traffic tape danger
I didn’t stop because warnings were posted on clinic walls
the walls of every toilet any gay bar

it happened spring of 1986, my friends began to die
we were not tested, then making an oath get tested
as we sat solemnly through Michael’s memorial
the annunciation archangel passed amongst us:
screeching like a banshee it is time to get tested
rampant nightmare running scared amongst us
as angels carried our friends to gay heaven
scared panic-stricken we were next in succession
sitting in that row Fountain Fairfax Church
celebrating Michael’s passing, we should have been
celebrating his life, his future he will never have
sat in fearful dread in that pew with Josler, Will
many other names escape.
names I remember with help from friends


One thought on “HIV Positive

  1. Immune Deficiency killed off the aliens in War of the Worlds. Aliens that returned to harvest humanity. We have earned our place on this planet through thousands of years of immunity evolution. No we are not an immortal species, but there is great Hope and Love amoungst and for each other to help find a cure!

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