Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

A Second Look at 70

A Second Look at 70

getting older is a fact, getting fatter is another fact
the one can be managed with diet and exercise
some attempt to eradicate the ravages
of mother nature’s biggest joke, Botox and surgery
cannot stop her quest
through the fields and hallways of our journey
age is just a fact, one I do like to consider, though
as I note, I’ve reached 70 with misgivings, trials
and far too many tribulations,  shaping
my destiny and my personality

I am 70 bound in my what parameters
age defines, the limitations and constrictions I
set for myself
I ponder if prayer and positive new age thought
can alter the process?
I see well with glasses; I hear right enough
with loss in lower ranges
I sport the usual aches and pains, but I defy
age to take and make me her bastard


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