Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry

I Wish You Love

I Wish You Love

Song by Rod Stewart
I wish you bluebirds in the spring
To give your heart a song to sing
And then a kiss
But more than this
I wish you love

I’m done with you, with this us that never was
I’ve wasted reams of good blank paper dreaming
of that hopeless love affair, now I dream of hope
with greater things to come, I wish you
bluebirds in the spring
may they peck your heart to pieces

bitterness and poison, boon companions to
this poet’s angry heart, but what of me I ask, but
what of me, stronger for this venting it away
I’ve taken time to cry, now move on, so I made a fool
a spectacle of myself, would I be the first?
Certainly not the last where
the heart takes mastery of the mind, the mind
out of control, led by obsessions, desires, this
humanness at the heart of the matter
is hard to fathom, I’m simply human

once a stranger touched me, deeply, at a time
when I was so desperate for love, for his
attention, his acceptance made me feel I was
someone, someone special, I was worked
and used; brought full circle to shine in
his reflection, to orb his sun and be his worshipper
I’ve grown up now, realized it was a sucker play
Though I agreed to the rules, agreed to follow
like most games, I get to quit when I tire

there were boys before, some I’d swear to
follow into the gates of hell and beyond, for no
reason other than obsession, that great passionless
fate, there were boys from 17 onward, and
though it all be fancy and imagination, there
may be boys throughout these remaining years
those other men, where are they now, gone
on to other men, dead, traversing their own story
I do not know, nor care, though one remains today
my best friend

strange how the journey takes us, takes me
when I want nothing from you friend
nothing but an ear to bend, or your story to
follow, it really is no simpler than that!


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