Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer

Raise Your Bibles, Hear Them Cry

Raise Your Bibles, Hear Them Cry

raise ye your bibles unto the sky and shout, in
the name of the Lord, proclaim words He never said
thoughts he never entertained, praised by purple-haired
televangelists praising money, money: send it in
raise those holy books, raise those holy bucks
hideous have you made this holy word, this word of
God and gods, even in the name of his son
if that is what you believe

get ye down from the pulpit–cease your derisions
cease the squall, cease the chaos of your hateful
muck and mire, your endless platitudes that rankle
your oversensitive sense of entitlement, though
bible-thumpers cannot see, see through to the
mystery of God, set adrift in blinded passion, seeking
some holy spirit, some place of peace and sanctity
some state of redemption where the soul is at
peace with the source, look then, look
die Augen zum Himmel erheben

were God to show himself, as once to Elias He did
Elijah, Yahweh is my God, who also raised the
dead, harbinger of the messiah, bringer of peace
prophet of a better world to come
will it?
Will it come that great and terrible day of the Lord?
as Moses before him high on the mountains in Sinai
bearing forth the tablets of righteous living, those simple
commandments, the heart of recovery, so simple we
cannot fathom living under their guidance

if Elias saw the countenance of God I do not know
to speak of what I know not, in ignorance, is far more a sin
more a blaspheme than to utter God’s name in vain
I have surrendered, or though I try, to relinquish my
hold on power and be graced with a little insight, to
be released from the grip of certainty that I alone rule the
world, and nothing be further from the truth, I am but
here, a moment, a flash in time, to shine through God’s eyes
shine back through me
was I given this gift to waste and squander?
to soapbox my life and words thrown upon the masses
with one desire to hate, to live my life unholy


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