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Death Takes a Holiday

Death Takes a Holiday

Death, a handsome lad in evening dressed, suave
and elegant as any fine gentleman, lithe as a dance
a fascination to curious women, men of a certain nature

Death, in contemplation, why people fear him so?
takes on his human persona and visits us for
three long days, wherein misery finds no surcease
pain wracks the world at large, those agonizing
for his call, find their pleas unheeded

Death on his quest mingles amongst we mortals
seeks to find his answer, disregarding any consequences
his host, Duke Lambert, revealed of Death’s intentions
makes him a welcome guest at his fine villa, Death
without compunction falls in love with Grazia, daughter of
Duke Lambert, a fair beauty, sadly mesmerized by
fair Death

while other women fear him, Grazia sensing who in
reality he might be, she fears him not, at the end, as it
must, Death must decide to seek his own happiness
or sacrifice that so Grazia may live, as this movie ended
as they ascend the stairs, he wraps his cloak about her
and they vanish in the air


5 thoughts on “Death Takes a Holiday

  1. I loved that movie and the remake with Brad Pitt. Strange, or maybe not so strange, considering the fact that I’m afraid of death.
    Your poem brought the movie back to me in all its macabre beauty 🙂

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    • I didn’t know there was a remake. I’ve not seen the original in years and years. We can’t be afraid of death, it is the one constant in all living things; but the fear of pain, of out loss of control of our bodies our minds….that’s what I fear.


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