Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer

Eternal Night

Eternal Night

Death be a woman, dressed in finest lace
and damask, a gown of sultry blue; jeweled
with sapphires at her throat and emeralds on
her fingers; coiffed in wondrous beauty

Death be a most beautiful woman, yet kind
as newborn’s mother, seeking to love and
nurture, seeking to tend and care, she drifts
amongst us, neither lingering nor waiting, but…

thus in eternal night, Death be a lovely woman
perhaps Marzanna, feared for her icy grasp
thought a witch, her effigy of straw wrapped in linen
beautified with ribbons and beads, then burned at the stake

Death bears herself in haughty grandeur
she slips into Gaudy Night, her hands cold as ice
her heart empty as a bird’s nest in December
Death, the lovely maiden, comes to call

Death’s calling card a chilling breeze, she bends to kiss
a fevered brow, her promise of eternal sleep, lingers but
a moment, plants her kiss and is gone, as last breath is
drawn, pain released, sadness freed from life’s ceaseless vigil


12 thoughts on “Eternal Night

      • We just lost my mother. That was her fear too. The palliative care people dropped off the drugs we needed to keep her pain free. Painless means not aware though, so when the time comes say everything you want to say first 🙂


      • It was horrible, my mother’s passing. My sister kept her alive for weeks and weeks when mom was ready to go. I thank you for sharing that with me. I’ve written a few pieces about my mom, the last on Mother’s Day past. It is my hope to say everything, out loud, on paper, everywhere I can before Death gets me!


      • I have to return the thank you for sharing. I’ve been worrying that my mom let herself go to quickly, that she didn’t want to be a burden, but after reading your experience, I think she knew what she was doing.
        LOL! Yes, make a noise while you can 🙂


      • The end of life process takes charge of us, it knows what to do. Now, I try to remember only the good. We are all going to die. But we don’t all get the opportunity to really live! Live! Write! Publish! Fall in love!

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