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Falling in Love with Love

Falling in Love with Love

is falling for make believe

I fall in love foolishly, as older gay men tend to do
falling in love with love is playing the fool
taunted and tempted by young beauty, reviled
caring too much is such a juvenile fancy
and rejected by the same
oh! not that they won’t befriend me, but
beyond that, they run!
in truth, I ask myself, why would they not?

youth is for the young, I know, to find their place
in the sun; in the starlight; to find young love
and grow old with that in peace
when I, at 70, seek the same, the gods of
love and beauty laugh, chastising my desire
chastise me, foolish queen; for young men can
only leave age in their wake

youth seek their youthful dreams, while I too
seek to find my way, not embittered nor the
brunt of life’s jest!
what I could not find in my youth I seek now
in my dotage, old age’s giddy joke!

old age, the last stage in the life processes
made more poignant for those growing old
where gay and old age are not compatible
I’ve fought my battles, I’ve won a few, though
depression comes and goes with life’s ensuing
aches and pains

I am no different in my history than any other
aging fool who still looks to youth for love
silly, when you come to think of it, old and gay
therein lies the joke and therein lies the pain
oh yes! he’s had many names, this latest but 23
I will dwell in that love for only a brief moment
long enough to wallow in its futility

then wish him well on his way, I will be part of
his story, and wish him well on his way, sadly not
part of his future as God has other plans for me
uncertain of them that I may be; however writing this
poetry as I must, and it must be; perhaps the
greatest gift God’s given me


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