Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer



Now, make peace with the past, from infant bawling
Shitting in diapers, suckling on mama’s breast,
Things that infant’s do til next we are children.
Playful, wary tots learning what our human destiny
Provides, succumbing to the laws of man and nature.

From childhood’s limited capacity of understanding
We come to know Death for what it is: a passage
From this realm to that unknown, whether it signifies
Eternal slumber in heaven’s realm, angelic choirs
Sing the unknown void for eternity.

Childhood brings it rough and tumble ways, children’s
Games and learning, from run spot run, to volumes
Of intellectual lore. Children’s ways lead to adolescence,
To the perfect Spring of life when all should be joy, though
Tiz all mass confusion, hormones raging, questions asked
And never answered. How can one know what lies
Ahead when each diverges in its own story.

The jarring transition to adult, where education complete
We set out upon the world to make our mark. Jobs and
Love we seek, to not be alone on this long quest.
Dawns on us to understand as life forwards, recognizing
Death for what it is, that moment in time, in the midst of
Any life, long or short, or even infancy, when life as
We know it ceases, abruptly: one breathe here then not!

Between the two, birth and ceaseless Death, lies a
Valley deep and wide, life’s joys and tribulations.
Some find it beautiful. Some through Fate’s decrees
Doomed to walk the streets in rags, their minds
In far off places. Some go to war and die while
Others sicken leave as well. Some are maimed
And long for Death, while others walk the earthly
Path in happiness, foreign territory for many.

It matters not what we do along the journey, for
We can spread joy or cause great harm, for most
Something in between. Knowing, as we’ve known from
Almost birth, that Death comes in the end, bringer
Or sadness to those who remain, bringer of peace
To those who suffer. We live, that one thought to make
The most of this short journey upon green earth.


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