Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer



The final question I must ask is simply this: If God
Is, then why is life so fucked up!
Of course there’s no answer. I didn’t expect there
Would be.
I believe this simply theory, whether you share it:
We were given life, offered a journey through time,
Be it hours or decades, to find our way, to stumble,
Fall, rise, rinse and repeat, with God there for solace.

God knows his children must embark this journey,
Learn only from their mistakes. I believe that God would
Have it no other way, for when I am given answers without
Finding them for myself, I do never learn the lesson.
It is such with life; I do not always learn that Lesson the
First go round, nor the second and sadly the third or fourth.

Eventually, with pain a touchstone, I do learn, then move
On to life’s next challenge. Now With my decades behind,
I see that death is God’s Answer to the question—live
This life as it has been given, question not what lies beyond.


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