Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer


The infinite, presence, energy, whatever in your mind
Be that power greater than self, needs not be understood!
It is not that God was angered by Eve’s brazen quest
To understand why we were created, placed here
To run this rat race, dodging through obstacles in
Maze, a short-lived journey through time, bumping
Into walls and meeting others on the path.
No! I think God’s anger was that children disobey.
Only through disobedience is great Art created.
Only through defiance of what our elders spake or
Prophesied with turbulent words decried, tried to keep
Us from tumbling down the security of the sand castles
They’d already built. Yet, each wave of the ocean crashes
Down then ebbs out to sea, washing the protestations
Of those come before, far out into the deep.
What the elders built, leaves room in a crowded place,
For new thoughts to enter: Art is not static, nor is life.
Then I must conclude, neither is God.


4 thoughts on “Winter

      • I can see how that would be a comfort. I don’t believe in any personal god, an entity who cares. I like the idea of Karma, though. I like the justice of it, that what you put out comes back to you. Maybe, it’s just wishful thinking 🙂

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