He Says…

you’re take on love is as dark as mine! That’s why I just love your poetry!

In So Many Words

He says he drinks
Just to forget
But all the drinks
Tend to beget
Only more drinks
And much regret

He says he smokes
Just to relax
But all the smoke’s
Begun to tax
His lungs with smoke’s
Fatal black ax

He says he loves
Just only me
But all he love’s
To fuck with me
His one true love’s

He says Hello
Just as he leaves
But this Hello
Never deceives
The true Hello
That makes him grieve

He says he needs
Just to accept
But his dark needs
Foster inept
Amorous needs
That intercept

He says he knows
Just why I stay
Bull all he knows
’bout being gay
Is that he knows
An easy prey

He says farewell
Just one last time
But this farewell
He thinks a crime
For this farewell
Is wholly mine

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