Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer


No one ever said, from Moses to Madonna, that’s
It’s gonna be easy, that’s a free ride on the El, that
Ya wake up and it’s all perfect, ya don’t have to
Sell your ass under the street light to get your fix,
Ya don’t have to wander the streets day and night,
Sleep under a bridge or in a cardboard hotel
On the nickel in downtown LA where they all go to
Die and the nuns come with food and the priests don’t
Dwell there, because there’s no hope there.
No one ever said from time before there was time until
The time it takes to put these words down that it
Was gonna be easy, cuz it’s never easy and the dream
Is a lie and the lie is that some folks got it easy!
No one gots it easy; in the end the easy is just a fancy
Coffin or a cardboard box in the crematorium.
It all ends the same, walking the thousand days
It’s never the same game, trudging along, cuz
We all came here for love and a healthy drink of
Life and some get high on it, some get drunk, the
Rest march to their own drum, ceaselessly, endlessly
To their graves.
Counting months and counting years and counting
Missing what’s in the center, life whizzed by like
A quick piss in the dark, it ain’t easy bro,
It never gonna be easy cuz god said so,
At least that’s what the good book says.
Live and die by the fruits of your labor, labor it just gets
Expensive, even the Whore selling his ass gets tired,
His veins collapse and they find him dead in the gutter.
Is that it? The divine grace they talk about?
It ain’t easy bro, cuz it ain’t never gonna be, that
The plan, through the struggle and through the pain
Past the dark corners that end in blind alleys
There’s a spark of light, for some, many, not all
Many–they traipse sightless and godless ending
Up where?
Still 6 feet under. It ain’t easy, it don’t need to be easy,
it just needs to be.


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