Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer

Childhood Days, Gone

Childhood Days, Gone
Put aside your toys, get out of the friggin sandbox.
Put aside childhood games, come into the dawning
Maturity, Bring with you, in your heart, and safely stored
Fondest memory, the laughter of childhood,
Hopscotch and jumping rope all life’s simple pleasures,
Birthday parties with cake and ice cream and gifts tied
Up in red ribbon bows, a valentine chocolate cake
And ballerina plastic candleholders,
All safe from the harsh light of older
Years, where not time and memory can harm.
Shed that fortiva lagrima, a gentle cry for lost youth,
Peter Pan and Wendy, in timeless adventure, now
Always boon companions.
Grow up! Do your duty, but do not let childhood
Dreams die.
Funny days past when boys in short pants ached for long ones,
Little girls in pigtails pulled by boys, sat at wood
Lift top desks with inkwells.
Teachers drone A and B and how many times 9 will
Equal anything, nothing you’ll care about at 90!
We get a beatdown, from morning light til exhausted
Sleep, thinking that childhood was only a time in
Space, but no!
It remains always a gift of happy yore, if only in
Hindsight, when all that screams and drags at the
Heart heavy with reality, when all that ceases,
Close your eyes and think to childhood’s happy
Screams of delight in play.
Clouded with remembered taunting, that little sissy boy couldn’t
Throw or catch a ball.
Childhood dreams haunt and taunt, the hurt lingers.
A little boy or girl, I didn’t know then nor now, I played jacks
And dressed my sisters dolls, I harken back to those memories,
But is best to live in now, always carrying along that sweet child who
Became me in the end.


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