Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer

Words Break Your Back

Words Break Your Back
Words ain’t gonna break yer back, but sting and ache,
Shooting some poison darts out there, see who gets
Hit, thrown recklessly, with some black magic spells
Chanted driving men mad.
Word shot up in a rig, shot into your veins,
Heedless thoughts carelessly spoken drugs.
Words do not break, as old loves do, they don’t die,
Shooting poisons arrows fuels an addiction.
Words do break, shatter like cheap glass; smash
Shards and fragments into your eyes, blinked words inflame.
Shoot up words, the imagination soars with wondrous
Or horrific deeds.
Words bounce around the brain, they sing and dance
And scream like banshees on a tear. With each breath
Words longing for death,
Or words singing praises when you ain’t getting’ high.
Words ain’t gonna break your spirit, lest you let them.
Let them in yelling, screaming, clamor in your sleep,
Fuck up your dreams.
Wake up and clamor from coffee, stop the assault.
Asleep words carry on a bad play with you the lead
And all the words assume, assault, man they shout!
Shout, while you’re lovin’ and they shout after your dead,
Could it be any other way?
Words confound, confuse and mystify, strung
Together with the soft music of the spheres, they
Soothe, a panacea for all that ails. Words can bless
Chanted softly over a gravesite.
Words spat in anger or fear or doubt to you, worst
Yet to that vulnerable self inside, it matters.
Matter greatly, or matters not at all.
Do let the words nail ya to that cross.
Let go the sticks and stones, send out no more poison
Spears with sharp thrust of your arms, see where
They rightly take their place on the scrapheap,
Words can kill, words can heal.


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