Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer

Anger’s My Bestie

Anger’s My Bestie

Anger’s my best friend, my poison-penpal, riding
Tandem on my bike everywhere I go, I got my bff
With me all the time, anger and hate, sisters we three,
Anger best friend of all, old stuff, man, old behavior
Shit gone dead and dry in a lifetime’s past, hanging
On for dear life, racing down the slopes screaming
Anger and me is buds from way on back, he rides
In my hip pocket wherever I go, never let’s go,
Never says I don’t love you bitch, cuz besties don’t,
Besties like that kill your ass point blank!
He ain’t really a friend of mine, a hitch hiker picked
Up in compassion, won’t get of the e ticket ride,
Anger is somebody else’s bitch, not my bestie, but
Its time she be gone, anger’s all I know, all I’ve
Ever known, I don’t wanna know it no more.
Take this hand of mine, place it in yours, make me
Sweet promises to walk with me out of the land of
Dark, past death, past eternity, we will only
Know love, but that ain’t anger’s ride, cooped up
Inside the brain shouting words, words again,
Impeccable truths, lies disguised as truths, lies
Told from pulpits to gravesites, this is gonna
Make you feel, feel good, feel bad, feel your
Time running cold in your veins, feel your time
Wasting away, feeling null and void.
Take my hand, let’s do this heist, robbers and bandits,
Buddies and pals; when we get to the end of the
Line and one of us needs to go, then we go
The other remembers. Who goes first? Depends who
Needs to get to there, guesswork on my part.
Is it all charted out, your days are numbered by the
Big upstairs, your days counted, your end entered into the
Book of life, Sefer HaChaim, where torah says,
Now, if you will forgive their sin [well and good];
But if not, erase me from the record which you have written.
God’s book, recording all our names destined for heaven
If I fuck up in this life, do I get to be in the book of the
Dead, which is a far better place to be? Bombast and
Doubletalk, it’s all here, now, don’t let play tricks in
Your head. Anger’s a pesky fly buzzing round my soup,
Gonna dive in and drown little annoyance, little pesky bitch
Dive in and drown, anger kills, mark my word on
That, anger kills, people die more outta anger than
Drugs, more than holy holy holy hypocrite gonna save
My fat faggot ass, get you out and dance in the streets
Be a jive momma, be alive, damn all the fuck haters,
Anger is gonna kill from the inside, when it’s done,
Spit you out like vomit. Go, sin no more, whatever that
Means, and let it go, let it go and rest, rest, let it die.


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