Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer

He’s Got da Look

He Gots da Look
Oh yeah, you are pretty man, pretty as can be,
You got the look, you got the hottie body, they
Flock around you, pretty man, like flies landing
On shit. You got it all baby! You got the look,
You got the moves, you got what I want, ain’t never
Going be, and all I got is this shit flying out of my mouth,
Down on paper, cuz God said bitch you want be a poet
Write some shit down, see what it looks like,
Write it all down, that boy he got the look, but
I give you this best shit and I be thinking man that
Ain’t all that, ain’t enough, why you not give me more?
More like my brother’s shit, like I can be so fine and hot,
They’d be circling round me like flies to shit wanting
To be a part of this fine ass man.
That’s so yesterday cuz this ass drooped a long
Moment ago, and I ain’t pretty now, that’s so
Gone with the Wind, sorry Scarlet.
I’m looking over there all the time thinking water
Under the bridge.
You’ve got the moves baby, you’ve got it all fine pretty
Thing you are, but you ain’t got me, I’ve got plenty
You heard that song before, right?
I ain’t got you, I ain’t got what you’ve got, I’ve
Gots these fucking words, words make me happy,
Words make me whole, make me wishing I was young
And hot on the trot. I ain’t, so that’s that, what I’ve
Got is good enough cuz it’s the best fuckin’ shit
I’ve got to offer. If I was to be you man, could I do better?
Don’t think so, cuz that’s your pretty boy journey,
20 years down the line, babe, it all fades, it fades,
Babe, it fades, it’s gone like a flash of light so fast
Your eyes missed it.
What’s left is just words on a page.


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