Christopher Michael, drawings, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer



Hands veined and wrinkled, fingers stiff at the
joints, burst blood vessels, wounds on the arms,
all else hidden from sight, in mind’s eye young,
supple and pliant as youth’s desires, free wild child,
70s hippies, drugs, dancing in the streets, LSD
turn on, tune in, drop out 1966, pimpled
adolescents in full youth’s bloom, sent to war,
returned in wood boxes: dear family, we
Too young to die, cut short by war’s unnecessary
bitter stroke, sit-ins and protests, drugged out youth
rebellion, flocking to San Francisco, free love
Woodstock, a new generation protests more
loudly than sound has heard before, a new
culture wobbling along for a decade til it crashed,
haircuts and suits, jobs and reality, bankers and stock
brokers, homes and kids, rampant sex and wild
times hidden behind respectability.

Time on parade, class of ’62, old is a state of mind,
a lie mirrors peeping back at the carnal wreckage,
gone the youth culture, the protests, the drugs,
the freedom to break out til conformity chained us,
dragged us back, as only conformity must.
We’re old, we sigh, chaffing on ‘60s memories,
class reunions, body old, and wrinkled, the
spirit of youth still burns in those eyes, teary eyes,
tears of sadness, paradise lost, youth spent,
wasted unlived.

Queens of our culture, not as mainstream brothers,
lived as the path directed to here, though the time
may not be distant when reconciliation makes whole
the parts of youth lost and lived, age and reality sets
upon this journey moving forward, upward, when wisdom
was cherished, not wisdom a vapid waste, children seek
their own measure, as age moves to its own rhythm,
we are alive as long as hands grasp hands,
lips kiss lips, light does not fade into eternal darkness,
pain is but a touchstone, bearable as life’s reminder.


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