Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer



Be there God and deities or no gods a’tall,
Be there sin or simple our imperfect human nature,
Be there the devil and hell or all manner of evil
Within our nature, I know not. That it is so, I believe.

To be free, to be free within, is to forgive,
To find absolution without the aid of Jesus or Adonai,
To find the ability to make peace, with my past,
With my present, knowing I fall short,
Very short, of my destiny.

To be free, to live in the light, whatever that be
For each, is to truly evolve into absolution, not
With the aid of prayers and priests, but within.
Within and whatever that god we each cling to,
Even Doubting Thomases as I who do not believe a’tall.

To be free, to find absolution is a painful journey,
To relive each mortal sin or earthly error, to relive
And know that the past can no longer haunt me,
Though it tries its constant best.
Those we’ve harmed have forgiven us, or not,
Nor does it matter, only that we find absolution
Within and free ourselves.


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