I’ve never seen this art, and its stunning. Quiet and so erotic with a strange sense of purity. Thanks for sharig.

The Year Zero

I’ve been enjoying the three-part documentary How To Be Bohemian currently airing on the BBC. Episode two focused on the sexual pioneering of the Bloomsbury set in which homosexuality and bisexuality were, as we know, de rigeur.

Loving the artwork of Duncan Grant and fascinated by his personal life:

Duncan’s early affairs were exclusively homosexual. These included his cousin, the writer Lytton Strachey, the future politician Arthur Hobhouse and the economist John Maynard Keynes, who at one time considered Grant the love of his life. Through Strachey, Grant became involved in the Bloomsbury Group, where he made many such great friends including Vanessa Bell. He would eventually live with Vanessa Bell, who though she was a married woman fell deeply in love with him, and one night succeeded in seducing him; Vanessa very much wanted a child by Duncan, and became pregnant in the spring of 1918. Although it is…

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Duncan Grant – Bloomsbury Set


Drawings for Sale

1A1A4909_Edit 1A1A4913_Edit - Copy 1A1A4915_Edit - Copy1A1A4919_Edit1A1A4925_Edit1A1A4926_Edit1A1A4927_EditIMG_1043IMG_1242IMG_1253IMG_9230IMG_9233IMG_9234IMG_9235IMG_9236IMG_9245_editedThere are my drawings, originally created to accompany my poems. They are 9″x11″ and some on watercolor paper, the others on light canvas board. Due to the intense acrylic mediums the watercolor paper drawings are wavy, but they can be back mounted or matted. $25, I cover the USPS shipping. If you’re interested, please contact me via WP site,