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In Memorium

He died young, an adolescent, never knowing
Intimacy, joyous rapture entwined in another man’s
Arms, pounding, thrusting hardness, bodies to
Ecstatic climax, for kisses on waking, caress
For sleep, I love you at dawn, I love you at

He never knew that love, nor any other,
He died young, died without intimacy, love shared by
Two young men, though they mourned him
Made memory over him, in time, memory faded.

The old man lives through the smiles of younger
Men, watches as they dance and glide across
The rugged terrain of intimate love, sexual prowess,
He silently weeps, le lacrime degli angeli,
His longing past tense, his time spent, asking
Was that intimacy those thousand grunting acts,
Clinging kisses, arms and thighs banging together
Without an I love you, parting, was that intimacy
Or a hope still renewed daily that though gone,
Love will find him, lost in deep reverie, love
Will find him?

The boy died young, the old man weeps for a joy
That boy will have never know, with teary eyes
Misting in the fading night, wonders did he either?

Christopher Michael, gay, gay poetry, homosexual, lgbt, queer

Poetry Challenge

Looking for gay poets who publish on WordPress and are also on Facebook. I want to do a 5 day poetry challenge that crosses both social media outlets. That means “friending” on Facebook, then start the challenge. It isn’t difficult to share work from WP onto FB.

If you think that’s a cool idea, get back at me and lets make this thing happen,



gay, lgbt, queer

If you begin your blog with HATE, God and gays

I’m going to block you faster than a speeding bullet! I invite every person on WP to scan thru tags, gay, queer, LGBT, homosexual, look for these Christian haters and block them. Their words are powerless if no one reads them. This is a proactive stance. I scan several times a day for these crazies and block them immediately.
peace and love gay folks